Success Stories

“After spending seven years inside NC Department of Corrections, over a quarter of my life, I was nervous about returning back to a now foreign society. I felt that my character had been properly reļ¬ned and that I was mentally ready, but I also knew that in many other areas of life I was completely unprepared. I could not answer how I would obtain basic things for survival such as food, clothing and shelter and I knew that without these things recidivism was a very real possibility no matter how much I did not desire to return to my former way of life. The STRIVE program answered my prayers and systematically helped me with my reentry by giving me job training, providing me with basic necessities, assisting me with enrolling in college and also giving me invaluable encouragement and support during rough times. Thanks to all the time, energy, compassion, and effort by the staff. I am now gainfully employed working two jobs, pursuing a degree in computer information technology, involved in community activism and thoroughly enjoying life in general. The STRIVE program is a pillar of strength and support to many other people who are genuinely pursing to change their lives for the better and I am deeply appreciative and indebted to it for the radical change that it has assisted me in making in my life. Shout outs to Ms. Whittaker, Mr. Jeffrey T. Joyner and Ms. Joyce Jones who have all become like family and have put in so much effort so that I can be successful.”
-Brenton Grice